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"Seeing as how everyone running seems to think things are moving in the right direction, we see no reason to displace the two incumbents seeking reelection, James Barrett and Joal Hall Broun."

Anderson-Thorpe-Chapman Breakfast Club



Lisa Stuckey, former CHCCS School Board Member

Chip Kent Hill

Mary Kent Hill

Henry Farmer

Carlotta Armstrong

Kellie Mannette

Laura Kline

Liz Carter, former CHCCS School Board Member

Charles Hileman

Sarah Hileman

Stanley Foushee

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Heather Burtz

Sarah Donavan

Nate Davis

Ken Broun, former Mayor-Chapel Hill

Angela Lee

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Jamezetta Bedford, former CHCCS School Board Member

Wanda Hunter

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Greg McElveen, former CHCCS School Board Member

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Jonathan Broun

Molly McConnell, Sr.

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James E. Williams

CHCCS Board of Education

Why I am Running

As a current Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools Board of Education member I want to continue to work on closing the achievement gap and maintaining  excellence in education for all of our children. I  also want to increase the opportunities for use of technology to provide greater opportunities for students and ensure accountability throughout the district.

Experience Our Community Needs

  • Current CHCCS School Board Member 
  • Former Carrboro Alderman 1999-2011
  • Chapel Hill High School School Improvement Team
  • Director-Lobbyist Compliance , N.C. Department of the Secretary of State

Make CHCCS the best it can be!

  • Close the opportunity gap
  • Create fair and equitable schools
  • Excellence in instruction
  • Access and opportunities for ALL students

My Vision

  •  As a current CHCCS Board of Education member seeking election,  I want to continue to implement and support those policies that support the recruitment, retention, and development of quality teaching staff because studies show that the quality of teaching makes a significant difference to all students, especially those students who have challenges. This includes providing a clear professional development path and compensation plan that Project Advance provides and the continued and increased funding of the Grow your own program that funds the education of teacher assistants in the District to become teachers.

  • Focusing on a growth mindset culture creates an environment which allows all students to work towards their greatest potential. My vision is to strengthen and expand gifted offerings including broader use of technology to provide additional options for student learning and data to further enhance each student's learning experience and achievement. 

  • I want to continue the work begun to close the opportunity gap. To do so, the district must continue its work to eliminate disparate discipline, to expand the restorative justice program to all of the schools, to fully implement the equity plan to ensure that all students have the same access to a quality education.

  • Because of my past volunteer and professional experience, I seek to increase the efficiencies of those programs that support education of students so that we can free up additional funds for operating expenses in a climate of reduced state funding and more limited local funds.

  • Continuing to focus on the development of a more collaborative and long-term plan to eliminate the current backlog of capital facilities work will allow  the district to better maintain our schools in order to avoid the need of cyclical large bonds to repair the schools.

  • Another term on the School Board will allow for me to continue the shift change needed to more fiscal transparency so that the public and all stakeholders will be able to determine what funds the budget, what the actual budget supports, and how the budget priorities are being funded.

  • I want to make the District’s policies more understandable and accessible to all parents and students.

About Joal


Joal Broun has lived in Orange County for twenty-four years. She moved to this area and to work in the Judicial 15-B Public Defender’s Office. After serving as a public defender for six and one-half years, she later worked for the largest community financial services organization in North Carolina, Self-Help, as an assistant general counsel. Currently, she was the general counsel for the N.C. Department of the Secretary of State and she now serves as the Lobbying Compliance Director.

Joal Broun has served as a member of the Orange County Dispute Settlement Center, an organization that offers mediation, facilitation and conflict resolution, including restorative justice program trainings. She also served as a Carrboro Alderperson from 1999 to 2011. She is a member of St. Paul AME Church, and is a trustee.

Since March 2016, she has served on the Chapel Hill Carrboro Board of Education. Prior to her appointment to the board of education, she served on the School Improvement Team of Chapel Hill High School and its chair for one year. She also was the parent representative for the junior varsity and varsity men’s soccer team for two years.

Joal is married to Jonathan E. Broun, Senior Staff attorney at Prisoner Legal Services. She has two children, Harrison, a 2017 graduate of Chapel Hill High School, a freshman at UNC-G and Rachel, a rising junior at Chapel Hill High School. She is also the grandmother to the family cat, Max.

Joal is a graduate of Ben L. Smith High School in Greensboro, N.C. She is a graduate of Wake Forest University and the Wake Forest University School of Law.

Joal and Her Family

Dedicated to our community

Accountability in Leadership

A bright future for all of our children!

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